Frequently asked questions

What all do I offer?

I offer anything and everythinng that you would want me to make! I'm happy to replicate something i've already made, or work with you to create something new! Some of my more popular products include: - Custom Handpainted Vinyl Records - Handmade Greeting Cards - Pet Paintings - Floral Designs and anything else you want me to create!


No pieces are exactly alike, so it's hard to set a concrete price for any piece. But here is the general range for most pieces: Watercolors - $30-$60 Acrylic Paintings - $35-$65 Vinyls - $30-$60per Cards - $4-$15 Again, these prices vary greatly. Contact me for more information!

How long will it take to recieve the artwork?

Sadly, I am not a full time artist and sometimes other things (like schoolwork) must take priority. Nevertheless, I try to finish any commission within two weeks of recieving it. If you are a local, I can drop off the work for a small fee, or you can pick it up yourself!