Frequently asked questions

What all do I offer?

I offer a variety of products and i'm always open to creating something new, but my most popular items include - Handmade Greeting Cards - Family Watercolor Paintings - Pet Watercolor Paintings - Painted Vinyl Records


No pieces are exactly alike, so it's hard to set a concrete price for any piece. But here is the general range for most pieces: Watercolors - $30-$60 Acrylic Paintings - $35-$65 Vinyls - $30-$60per Cards - $4-$15 Again, these prices vary greatly. Contact me for more information!

How long will it take to recieve the artwork?

Sadly, I am not a full time artist and sometimes other things (like schoolwork) must take priority. Nevertheless, I try to finish any commission within two weeks of recieving it. If you are a local, I can drop off the work for a small fee, or you can pick it up yourself!